What Are the Symptoms of Enlightenment?

This is like asking a bubble what it feels like now it is popped.

There’s literally nothing here that could answer other than the same consciousness which asked the question.

Before the popping the bubble may experience some or all of the following spiritual awakening symptoms;

- Sleep changes
- Diet and taste changes
- Low motivation
- Mood swings
- Headaches
- Sudden jerky movements in the body
- Periods of bliss
- Regular episodes of just sitting or staring
- Inability to focus
- Inner warm feeling of general okayness

But these are all bubble-experiences and all experiences are temporary and not what you are.

Symptoms suggest happening to a someone or a something.

In truth there is only (and only ever has been) This Everything just everything-ing with itself.

No spiritual awakening symptoms.

No patient.

No doctor.

Just the sound of popping heard by nobody.

- Mike Cheney