Is Spiritual Enlightenment Lonely?

Once upon a time you wandered lonely as a cloud…

You cried tears of rain that you couldn’t connect with other clouds and that the mean winds of life blew you off your course.

You tried as hard as you could to fight the winds of life, to dictate your direction and control where you would end up and get happiness.

But then one day you just stopped.

Something woke up inside of you.

And you realized;

“I am not the cloud. I am the sky.”

And now you realize the clouds are part of the sky.

The wind and weather are mere parts of the sky.

There is nothing to do, no place to be and nothing to strive for - you simply are and it is the most simple yet wondrous thing.

You no longer yearn for connection because what you are is everything.

You are in everything and everything is you.

If you lived in an igloo on the North Pole for 50 years in isolation it would be as connected in this realization as a body located in a New York apartment block.

Solitude and loneliness are two different things.

How can the one thing that is everything be lonely when pure interconnectedness is its true essence?

- Mike Cheney