What are the Major Spiritual Awakening Symptoms?

No idea for others but all kinds of shizzle was experienced by this guy over here;

- Headaches
- Sinus blockages
- Taste, appetite and diet changes
- Lack of drive
- Insomnia
- Fear of insanity
- Paranoia
- Bliss
- A constant “post-sex” kinda feeling
- Jittery eebie-jeebies

It’s weird…

You see truth and see through the fiction of a separate self and all is well with the world.

Then you wake up from this one-night stand and there’s a human body in the bed next to you;


That wasn’t supposed to happen.

It takes a while for that lump of meat and bones to catch up to what the feck just happened.

All fun and games and just more of the same stuff -

Surrender the bejeezus out of it all and you’ll be good to go…

- Mike Cheney