Which Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Do You Have?

Are you going through a spiritual awakening and experiencing weird symptoms?

Maybe you're wondering what your symptoms mean, if they're normal and how long they might last?

Firstly let me assure you -

You have nothing to worry about. I'm going to help you spot these symptoms and resolve them as best you can.

In all my years guiding students through spiritual awakening I've heard of just about every experience and symptom you can imagine.

This is a common request my students ask me.

The awakening process can be confusing and unnerving at times - especially when the body seems to be playing catch-up with what has been seen.

Your body will react differently to the next person's and it also depends which stage of spiritual awakening you're at.

"No One Size Fits All But Here Are..."

What I feel are the most common symptoms people experience and we're going to dive into detail about how these things feel so you can recognize them as they happen.

Before you dive into the list of symptoms please note...

This list is not totally inclusive - you may experience other symptoms not listed here.

It's compiled based on my years of experience guiding others through awakening and my own journey to spiritual awakening.

You should also realize just because you're not experiencing some or all of these symptoms doesn't mean you're not having a spiritual awakening.

The path to awakening and experiences along the way are different for everyone.

That being said, here's a list of...

"The Most Common Spiritual Awakening Symptoms..."

  • Anger
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Change in sleep patterns / insomnia
  • Involuntary Movements
  • Change in energy levels
  • No motivation
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Change in appetite and eating habits or tastes

That's a pretty big list right?

Let's dive down into more detail and look at some of these symptoms in more detail.

It's time to talk about exactly what can happen to you and what you might experience...

"The Mother of All Spiritual Awakening Symptoms is Anger..."

Before awakening you might think anger would be the last thing to arise;

After all - isn't awakening about seeing truth, experiencing one-ness and realizing the bliss of your true nature?

Haha! The mind is great at convincing us of such stories isn't it?

And this is just the point regarding anger;

All anger and frustration is borne from a sense of unfairness or dissatisfaction with what is.

In other words - anger is simply arguing with reality.

Anger can crop up during spiritual awakening as you realize what has come to pass is not quite what you expected or what you were sold upon.

The idea of "enlightenment" is quite different from the visceral, physical and stark reality of what you may find yourself faced with.

"You Might Experience Anger Towards the Awakening Process Itself or Find Yourself Having Unexpected Angry Outbursts..."

I've encountered some students who finally "saw" but then quickly wanted to back-track and un-see what they'd seen and return to their previous lives.

Unfortunately this isn't how it works.

The good news, though, is that you can ride all of this out. This too shall pass.

Not everyone experiences anger either so don't let this put you off or scare you off from embarking on or continuing your spiritual journey.

There can sometimes be a sense, as you undergo a spiritual awakening, that you should somehow become a better person, become more restrained or become more patient.

This is utter hogwash and just the mind putting unreal labels on things.

Nevertheless, such expectations can create rising tension and conflicts in you which sometimes burst out in all directions as anger.

The other way anger can arise during spiritual awakening is a result of the mind fighting and resisting what has been seen.

You are always in this game of catch-up...

The true you, your true essence, sees an insight and gains a deeper understanding and yet the body and mind take longer to accept or settle with this new understanding.

Anger can arise in this way because there's a deep-seated fear the mind has that it's somehow not needed, that it's not as independent as it thought and that it's somehow under threat.

Nothing could be further from the truth - nothing changes with the mind, there's just no longer a connection to it or a sense of anyone being here who owns it.

The mind still exists after awakening and thoughts still arise;

It's just recognized that the mind and the thoughts are not you.

As this is all settling and being accepted there can be waves of anger trying to fight the understanding.

Like everything else - allow it time and space, observe what arises and it will eventually pass. It's not you or yours anyway.

As if anger weren't enough...

"You Might Also Experience Dizziness as One of the Awakening Symptoms..."

It's likely you will feel mentally disorientated during your awakening but this can also spill over into a physical sensation too.

Some people compare awakening to falling into a bottomless pit;

At first it's terrifying and you start flailing your arms around in panic trying to get orientation or to prevent an impending impact.

But there never is any impact and absolutely nothing to grab onto.

Eventually you come to realize that it's best not to struggle or fight against any of it. It's all happening despite you anyway.

This is easier said than done, however.

And there may be times when the brain's panic, fear and self-preservation tactics lead to over-heating and dizziness symptoms.

As always -

Deep-breathing, meditating, being in nature and taking time out can help dramatically with this.

Awakening is like having the rug, carpet, floorboards, house, grass, topsoil and Earth pulled from under your feet.

It's dizzying in its scale, scope and implication for the "little you" - some people feel dizziness as a result of this perceived turmoil.

Ultimately though, nothing has really happened - you've just seen through an illusion.

You've unbecome what you never were but...

The body can take time to assimilate this way of moving through life.

Another knock-on effect is that;

"Anxiety Might Arise as a Spiritual Awakening Symptom..."

Anxiety and fear can really affect people in a big way and derail their spiritual awakening.

And when it comes to existential fear there is none bigger.

While awakening poses no actualy bodily threat the mind can sometimes perceive the change as a very threat to its existence.

All kinds of anxiety can start rising up;

  • How are you going to live now?
  • Are you losing your mind?
  • What does this mean for the "you"?
  • What will your friends and family think of all this?
  • What are the implications for your job and career?
  • How will your awakening affect your kids?

And so the mind goes on - spitting out endless future scenarios about what could or could not happen.

All of this is not reality. If it's in the mind you know it's not real, that's the clue.

Coming back to your senses and just focusing on what you can actually see, feel, hear, taste and smell can help with this.

But it's not just anxiety about some imagined future that can arise...

"You May Also Experience Deep Traumatic Experiences and Negative Emotions Rising Up From the Past..."

I've heard many students talk of past memories long since forgotten coming back during awakening.

It's almost like once the lid has been lifted off these kind of substances can come surging out.

It can cause high levels of anxiety but the key to remember is;

The anxiety is not you.

The thoughts are not you. The mind is not you.

You know this because you can observe it - you are back here watching all this unfold.

The very fact you ended up on this page is because you are the awareness that recognized symptoms occurring within itself.

You are not the thoughts or mind. Relax.

If you're lucky enough to escape anxiety during awakening you're not quite through the woods yet because...

It's time to talk about;

"And Make Sure You Can Spot The Difference Between Spiritual Awakening and Depression Symptoms..."

There is a fine line between how it sometimes feels during an awakening and depression.

Firstly -

I'm not a doctor and if you are struggling with your mental health you should always consult a medical professional.

The tell-tale sign is if you're truly worried about your state of mind and it's been going on for a number of weeks, affecting your day to day life then you need to seek help.

Having said that, you may well experience "down" times during an awakening - where you perhaps feel like life has no purpose, you feel lost, worthless, homeless almost and like you can't see how to move forward.

This is very similar to depression (I've undergone both) so it's important to know the difference and seek help when you can.

One of the ways to tell if it's depression or just a temporary awakening phenomena is kind of a "taste taste"...

Depression has a very unique flavor - there's a distinct sense of abandoning everything, darkness and heaviness.

No light at the end of the tunnel and a real weight is felt. There is no element of "okayness" felt in any of it.

On the other side of the coin, when these similar emotions are felt as part of a spiritual awakening there can be a background sense of "okayness" even in moments of seeming despair.

"In Awakening You Don't Feel Like Giving Up - Just Surrendering to Life..."

If the mind is creating future negative scenarios or throwing worst-case pictures at you, this could be depression.

Especially if your sleep, appetite, mood, habits and so on are consistently being affected.

The awakening process, on the other hand, sometimes feels like the Pause button has been pressed and you're not really moving anywhere.

But there's no sensation that it's the worst thing in the world - just that a re-orientation is required.

Thre's no easy way out of these ruts other than to wait them out and, of course, if you think you are suffering from depression to get medical help.

Onto a slightly lighter note now but one which can still impact your day to day living.

Let me ask you a question;

"Are You Suffering with Headaches Since Starting Your Spiritual Awakening?"

I was fortunate not to suffer with headaches during "my" awakening but I know many others who did and it's no fun...

At the absolute level - nothing is happening outside of the head anyway is it?

You think you see the world but really it's just an image projected onto the retinas of the eyes which the brain interprets.

It's not even the full picture because we don't see all parts of the spectrum.

So the world is in the mind.

The world and the mind is inside awareness.

You are the awareness inside which everything occurs.

Now it's hardly surprising that this makes the brain hurt is it?

Awakening is seeing with the heart, not the eyes.

"Awakening is Knowing Beyond Mind..."

It can be known theoretically but the actual "seeing" of your true nature takes place beyond mind, beyond the brain.

All of this spiritual activity and reorientation to a new truth and new way of being can play havoc with the human biological wiring system.

It's wired to fight, strive and survive and yet...

Depending on the level of your awakening (see next section) you may come to realize you never were in the first place. That there is no you.

The brain understandably has difficulty trying to process this, it cannot.

It's almost as if there's an internal fight going on in there to try and make logical "brain sense" of this but it is, by very nature, not of the body or mind.

So the question now is...

"How Long Will Your Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Last and What Stage are You In?"

You may not experience any or all of these symptoms and you could even experience different ones than we've covered here.

If I've learned anything over the years of guiding people through awakening it's that if anything can happen it likely will.

This may come as less than happy news for you but rest assured -

You are in safe hands. Everything is unfolding exactly as it's supposed to.

Relax as best as you can - let what arises arise, let what goes go and just be.

If you have any of these symptoms (especially anxiety) and would like help to get rid of them you should come and watch our Free Masterclass.

- Mike Cheney