Does Spiritual Awakening Feel Like Falling in Love?

Falling in love is like two tiny tentacles on the underside of a starfish wiggling at the same frequency and briefly touching;

There’s sensation, wonder, excitement and happiness that can’t be put into words - a shared passion, a shared bond, a shared outlook and shared energy.

The two tentacles thought they were separate tentacles.

They saw all the other different tentacles around them and believed them to be separate too.

Spiritual awakening is the feeling of realizing there is only starfish.

All tentacles are starfish.

All is one.

The same source.

The same love.

There is only This Everything and you are that.

It feels simultaneously incredible and obvious.

Totally brand new but remembered from aeons ago.

It feels completely disorientating but also like an infinite home.

Turbulently peaceful.

Singular in its essence but indescribable through a billion words.

It’s the difference between falling in love and realizing love is what you are.

No subject-object relationship.

Just this love, now.

- Mike Cheney