Why is There No Right Way to Meditate?

Every person you ask will give a different opinion about the wrong or right way to meditate depending on the outcome they believe they will get from it.

All of them are correct and okay.

You know this because they are part of reality and all is perfection.

Some meditate to try and quieten the mind and recommend a certain way to do that.

Some meditate to try and have spiritual experiences and recommend a certain way to do that.

Some meditate to try and relax the body and recommend a certain way to do that.

In its purest, truest and absolute sense meditation is simply not getting involved with anything;

- Allowing what arises to arise
- Allowing what falls to fall
- Allowing thoughts to come and go
- Not welcoming, rejecting, fighting or following anything
- Not trying to get any outcome from it

This goes against what it means to the mind.

But you are not the mind.

Meditation feels like it should have an objective and that it’s something you are doing.

Until it doesn’t.

- Meditation starts as a practice you do
- Then it becomes something which changes your perspective in “every day life”
- Then its realized meditation is life and meditation is something you are

As such, there’s no right or wrong way to be being. It simply is.

Imagine the universe trying to become the universe and wondering what the right way do it is…

You ARE the universe. No trying required. No right or wrong way.

- Mike Cheney