What To Do When You Believe There is No Sense in Life

Give yourself a pat on the back and a gold star.


Because you are one of the intelligent ones who’s seen through the illusion.

Life is crazy.

You might, at first, look at this as bad news but it’s not and I’ll tell you why;

You’re probably reading this in your internal voice in your head thinking you’re a separate person. A unique and separate individual on this spinning piece of rock we call Earth.

Well guess what?

The punchline of all this is you’re not a separate individual.

You are not separate to any of this.

You are not a part of life or apart from life - you ARE life.

The everything is what you are and this is you.

You take yourself to be separate but you’ve also started to see the futility of this and that is good.

What you are is in everything and everything is you.

Not in some religious God-type way.

In a very real way.

You cannot exist without oxygen, water, food, plants, the Earth, the Sun, the solar system, the universe and everything.

You don’t exist because of the universe.

You ARE the universe observing itself.

And as such, you are the most beautiful, perfect, intelligent and wonderful thing that is because everything that is - is YOU.

- Mike Cheney