How To Live After Spiritual Awakening

You’ll get stuck here until you don’t. (This too shall pass).

You’re not choosing or doing anything here…

Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Before spiritual awakening you feel every twist and turn and it starts making you feel sick.

You can't stomach it any more - the highs are few and far between and the lows are too low.

You want off.

In awakening you get an entirely different perspective and see the rollercoaster isn't quite what you thought it was.

So you are able to observe, from afar, how it operates and there is apparent distance between you and it.

The awkward part is there is still a human form riding around on the rollercoaster despite your awakening.

The feelings are still felt, the thoughts still arise and emotions still come forth.

But now there is no attachment to any of it - no story, no mental suffering and no belief that it is you or it is something you own.

The rollercoaster goes on.

The human form is still on it.

But the awareness which is you, watches on, enjoying the journey in a wholly different way.

Of course this takes time;

At first you'll feel sick and just want to get off completely or not want to ride at all.

But you don't have a choice.

You are not the human.

You are not the rollercoaster.

You are the fairground of awareness in which all the rides arise and afall.

- Mike Cheney