What is the Fastest Way to Gain Wisdom?

A little acorn lay lonely on the ground of the forest, its view obscured by dead leaves and sticks.

It yearned for the sky, for light, for wisdom.

It shuffled a little and caught sight of a huge great oak tree towering above the canopy into the bright sunlight high above.

Many birds were twittering away on the oak tree’s branches.

The little acorn gazed up at a mighty oak tree in wonder and said;

“What is the fastest way to be like you? You are so mighty, old and wise - how can get I get your wisdom?”

The mighty oak tree let out a huge, bellowing laugh which echoed around the forest;

“The wisdom which made me is the same wisdom which made you. It is already in you. This same wisdom is the birds, their song, the dead leaves and the sunlight,” he replied.

The acorn thought for a moment and then said;

“I don’t get it. I’m just an acorn - how can I be wise like you? It will take years!”

The mighty oak replied;

“You are not an acorn. I am not a tree. The wisdom is all there is and we are that.”

The sun shone.

The birds twittered.

And the acorn said not a word…

- Mike Cheney