How Does It Feel When You Are Enlightened?

You don’t get it - IT GETS YOU.

You’re playing a cool role in a movie but it’s not going the way you like it.

So you start to push the envelope and see if you can change how the movie is playing out.

You can’t.

So get you pissed off and start to inquire what the Truth is.

Then, through no cause or result of anything “you do” (because you don’t exist and there is no do-er) - enlightenment happens through you and there it is;

You’re not the movie character. You’re nobody.

Nothing and everything.

You’re not even the projectionist.

For a time you believe you’re the watcher witnessing the movie but this too is seen through.

What you are is the light;

The light that makes the movie, the light in the movie, the light the movie is in - the light that always was, always is and always will be.

The light that is This Everything.

Nobody gets anything. Nothing gets anybody.

There is nothing to get and nobody to do the getting.

The light shines unto itself, as always, forever…

- Mike Cheney