What To Do If You Can't Get Into a Meditation

What you’re failing to get into is the mental expectation the mind has created about how meditation should be;

“If I don’t feel X,Y,Z it’s not working.”

“If my mind wanders I’ve screwed it up.”

“If I don’t feel the magic ju-ju then something is wrong.”

This is all just mind stuff.

Meditation just is.

It's not about achieving a certain state, a certain experience or a certain outcome.

If you go into it with that expectation then, yes, you will inevitably almost always be disappointed.

At the absolute level meditation is not something you do - it is something you are.

It has nothing to do with posture, breathing, clearing the mind or a cushion.

It's merely letting everything be as it is, as the awareness which is you watches on.

Different shizzle happens every single day of life.

Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it's rainy.

Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.

Sometimes your butt itches in meditation, sometimes it doesn't.

Do enough meditation and eventually you may come to realize there's no point to it other than locating the meditator which was never there in the first place. (And meditation isn’t even necessary to realize this).

Meditation stops seeping into everyday life in a flooding realization that meditation is life, meditation is you and you are life.

Nothing to get into.

Nothing to deal with and nobody to do the dealing.

- Mike Cheney