Why Can't You Focus While You Meditate Any More?

Give yourself a break.

Here’s how to look at it;

Your awareness is the sunlight.

What happens during meditation is the sunlight shining on stuff.

Do you think the sun beats itself up because it can’t focus any more?


Focused light will burn stuff up and you don’t want that.

Be the light of awareness that shines equally on all without judgement of the objects or itself.

Everything that goes on - good thoughts, bad thoughts, crazy-ass thoughts, thoughts which take you on a 10-minute drive around your mind are just that;


They are like clouds in the sky;

The sun doesn’t try to move them, it doesn’t try to stop them and it could care less what they do.

The light shines on.

So stop focusing on focusing.

Let go.

Be the shining light of awareness that sees all, changes nothing and remains unmoved.

You are not the things.

You are not the thoughts.

You are not the experience.

You are the sun - always watching, watching, watching.

- Mike Cheney