How Can You Become More Awakened?

There are 7 steps...

Although it should be pointed out that the way to awakening and enlightenment is truly pathless.

There is nobody to do anything and nowhere to go and yet still the journey takes place within itself.

While some apparent individuals spend many years pursuing such a goal there is a direct path – that of realising you are the Truth you seek.

This is the route being spoken to here.

Step #1. Change Perspective

To truly awaken there needs to be a complete change in perspective.

All your life you have been taught that you were born, you were given a name, you had to achieve and attain things to gain happiness and that you will eventually die.

This is merely a perspective.

It is an illusory one.

It’s as if you’ve been looking out into the vast, black, darkness of the universe searching for light but you have been the sun the whole time. You can’t see it or find it because it’s not separate to you.

You are It.

Step #2. Meditation

Meditation is often looked upon as the backbone of any spiritual pursuit, seeking or practice.

While this may initially be the case you may eventually come to see that meditation is not something you do – it is something which illuminates the lack of doer and separation altogether.

As an apparent “individual” you can go into meditation with any goal you like.

Whether you achieve it or not is another matter entirely.

You can go in wanting relaxation, calmness, self-realisation, better health, improved focus or better life skills.

But do it for long enough and you may come to realise that meditation is not something you do;

It is merely the Everything observing itself.

Step #3. You Are Not Thoughts or the Mind

You are able to observe your thoughts but not choose them.

You don’t control which thoughts arise and which do not.

You can’t stop thoughts (although you may try).

There is just mind and you observe that - so what are you??

Step #4. You Are Not The Body

Before the body is there you are still you.

After the body has gone you are still you.

What you are contains the body, not the other way around.

Step #5. I Am

One of the first lessons many spiritual seekers get exposed to early on in their journey is to focus on the “I am”.

This is so simple the mind struggles with it.

Ultimately there is nothing else we can know with certainty other than “I am” but it doesn’t stop the mind from trying!

Step #6. Drop Labels & Beliefs

Unknowing is power.

The only thing you can know with absolute certainty is that you ARE.

You cannot be certain about anything else because every other piece of “knowledge” or “belief” in your mind is a pure mental construct based on arbitrary definitions from other individuals, beliefs and opinions.

Step #7. Be Awareness

This is simultaneously a practice, a non-practice and a conclusion.

But truly – transparent, watching awareness is what you are.

As such it’s not a practice at all.

It’s not even a state (because states change and come and go).

It’s your true nature of being. You are Awareness.

I expand on all 7 steps and how to engage in them on your awakening journey in the free ebook I've written for you called "7 Steps to Truly Awaken".

- Mike Cheney