Can You Attain Enlightenment By Abiding In the "I Am"?

Language sucks.

When a master tells you to abide in the “I am” the personal self makes a mission out of it.

It becomes a mantra.

Or it becomes an exercise.

Or it becomes a practice.

Or it becomes a method to attain something or get something or destroy something.

The space between the words is enlightenment. The silence.

The words are also enlightenment.

You are not enlightened and you can never “become enlightened” because you are not a persona - you are enlightenment itself.

You need to unbecome what you never were by letting go (even of letting go).

For the “little me” this becomes infuriating and mind-hurting.

“Just tell me what to do!”

But this is just it - you can’t do anything, there is no do-er and nothing need be done.

Give up.



Give up trying to let go.

Let go of trying to surrender.

Surrender the idea of quitting.

What observes “you” being and feeling like the limited ego? What sees that?

These feelings, limits and concepts come and go like shadows in the night.

What remains?

- Mike Cheney