What's the Most Difficult Phase After Spiritual Awakening?

You spend your whole life thinking you’re water. Then you hear about something called “oil” and you wonder what it’s like to be that.

Then one day something wakes you from the water dream and you are now in oil.

Oil and water don’t mix.

So you end up beating yourself up if you revert to the water way of being.

And you can sometimes think you have totally lost it by being oil.

Until finally you properly open your eyes and see that you are the water, you are the oil and you are the bottle containing everything all at the same time.

For me the most difficult phase of awakening was the experience directly afterwards.

The sense of “What just happened?”.

The sense of “How can I get that back?”.

And the sense of “What happens now?”.

I was a person who set off on a journey with a watch, a compass and a goal.

I ended up in the same place I left but now without time, without direction and without the personal called “me” being there either.


It unfolds.

It’s always unfolding.

Just like stars in the universe - there is no final awakening.

You, just like the universe, are always complete and yet also always becoming.

When the universe was just one star it was both complete and becoming.

When the universe was one million stars it was both complete and becoming.

You are on a step-less journey to the true nature of yourself.

The “phases” by their very nature do not matter because they are transient experiences.

Once awakening has woken up to itself through you it cannot be undone.

You become the embodiment of the unknown knowing only that;

“I am.”

At first you struggle for orientation in the void of everythingness.

Then you realize you are the void.

But always remember - everything is completely perfect and always becoming completely perfect.